Life Is What Happens

life insurance Glendale AZ

Just a brief moment ago the thought occurred to deliberately shorten this online article’s heading. The design intention here is to emphasize one or two very important points about the life insurance Glendale AZ practice. Because to add to the suspense of this anecdote, to draw the interest of the diligent but curious reader; life is what happens when you are busy making other plans. So, there you have it then.

Most honest to goodness hardworking breadwinners do this much in their lives. If they have one, two, or three or even more dependents under their roofs, always counting on them for their daily needs, they would have arranged for at least one life policy to be written out for them. Now, single-minded professionals also need to take note of this. You think that because you do not have any dependents, no life cover is required.

Well, think on this for another moment or two. Because long before you reach retirement age, who or what is going to take care of you should you lose your job and not be able to find another one, least of all not for several months, perhaps even more than a year. Such events are possible, and whatever amount of savings you may have accumulated may not be sufficient for the purpose of tying you over and helping you to pay your regular bills.

And what would you do if you suddenly found yourself not being able to work owing to physical disability incurred as a result of an accident. If it was a workplace incident, the amount of compensation provided to you may not be sufficient to allow you to sustain yourself with what can best be motivated as a normal life. You need life cover for that too.

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